About Us

In existence since 2015, Dealmageddon is the home of epic, seismic, apocalyptic shopping deals! If you want to find something dealmageddon is the place to come find it! Dealmageddon’s buyer staff spends countless hours to find pheromonal deals from across the globe.

Why the name Dealmageddon? Dealmageddon is the concatenation of the words “deal” and “Armageddon.” That’s right! Our job is to offer buyers “end of days” types of deals. We want our buyers to have a “Like, NO WAY!!! I gotta have it! Kind of experience when buying products from us.

Shoppers have reported saving up to 90% on a product. We also have a 100% Satisfied Guarantee, which means we’ll refund our discount-shopping fee at any time.

We are out to impact the discount buying experience in an apocalyptic way!